Client testimonials

“Paige came highly recommended by one of our midwives, and I doubt we could have found a better birth companion for our hospital birth! Our pre-birth conversations with her yielded good information and ideas that we hadn’t yet encountered in our preparatory reading and classes. During labor and birth she was a constant source of support: Paige was calm, knowledgeable, and very “present.” For me—a first time, older mom—her words provided just the right amounts of advice in the most encouraging, well-timed, and 'real' ways.”

— Elizabeth K.

“Jo is a natural! [They] gave us the support and confidence to have a successful unmedicated birth. Jo is comforting and encouraging, and worked non-stop to help me through contractions. Labor was the most intense experience of my life and when I came completely unraveled, Jo remained composed and helped me focus. Thanks to Jo, our daughter's birth was one of the most beautiful, positive experiences we've shared as a family.”

— Jamie Q.

“Paige was so gentle and intuitive about my needs during labor. She was reassuring when I was nervous and confused about what was happening. She has such a kind loving energy. Paige has definitely found her calling, she was meant to be a doula.”

— Dana L.

“Paige was amazing! My husband and I were college athletes and first time parents who did not know how to prepare for what I envisioned would be one of the hardest workouts of my life. Paige helped us walk through the emotional aspects of childbirth weeks before my delivery. That was such an important aspect of my experience and I felt truly prepared for it because of Paige. Paige has a very calming presence. She is non judgmental and open minded. During labor, she is a wealth of knowledge and has suggestions but is very thoughtful in her methodology for introducing them.”

— Jacque C.

“When my husband and I first met [Paige] we were immediately comfortable and confident that she would be an integral part of our birth plan. I underestimated the need to have a true professional like Paige there during my birth. She took the time to get to know us as a couple, our birth plan, my desire to use/not use pain medication and what interventions I would be comfortable with.”

— Aimee R.

“Paige was an excellent Doula. After the first time I met her I knew we were compatible. She helped me plan for labor physically, mentally, and emotionally. At my labor she was very helpful and calming. I was very happy after I gave birth. She helped make it a wonderful experience!”

— Adeline B.

“I asked Paige to be my doula for my fourth pregnancy. This was my first time using a doula, but I knew from experience that my long labors needed additional, dedicated support. Paige was with me every step of the way. Without Paige's calm support and encouraging words, I would have felt lost and out of control. She was my rock. I trusted her completely and that was a huge relief so that I could focus on my labor. Paige would be my first and only choice if I needed a doula again. I highly recommend her!”

— Sarah G.

Paige was born to be a doula! It is clear that this is her calling. She is extremely warm, while being confident and reassuring. What I appreciated the most about my experience with Paige was the education that she provided. Paige had taken the time to get to know me prior to my labor, so she understood exactly what I was going to need during the laboring process. Paige was worth every penny and more! I actually enjoyed this labor because of Paige!"

—Stephane M.