What We Offer

Our goal is to create a safe space for you to relax as you welcome your new baby into the world. We hold and support your choices and hopes for your labor as the highest priority, and encourage you to plan the labor that feels right for you.

Paige Varner, Doula, with a woman in labor Paige Varner, Doula, with a woman in labor

Birth Support

The birth support we provide includes at least one prenatal visit, support during your labor and delivery, and one postpartum visit.

Prenatal Visit
Time: 1 to 2 hours

The prenatal visit allows you and your doula to get to know each other. Your doula will meet you at your home or another location that's comfortable. We want to hear your priorities and hopes for your labor experience, as well as any fears you or your partner might have. We’ll talk about all the ways we can support you emotionally and physically, and the logistics of doing so.

We may discuss your spiritual beliefs and practices, meditation and visualization methods, and massage techniques that may bring you the most comfort. We can also reassure your partner that supporting them through your labor is every bit as important as nurturing you.

We may also discuss those things doulas cannot do during the birth process, such as any clinical tasks, providing medical advice, or speaking to hospital staff on your behalf.

We will definitely go over any questions or concerns you or your partner may have. Our hope is that after our first meeting, you'll feel prepared, excited, and tranquil about this journey you’ve begun.

During Birth

Your doula will be in frequent communication with you via email, text, and phone during the last weeks of your pregnancy. During labor, your doula will provide emotional and physical comfort through massage, position-change suggestions, guided meditation, breathing reminders, and being a supportive presence. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone brings more comfort than anything else. Our goal is to support you in every way possible.

For your partner, our support involves reassuring them your experience is normal. We'll provide in-the-moment suggestions for ways your partner can support you and stay actively involved in your birth experience. Sometimes a partner needs a sounding board — someone to bounce ideas off of as forks-in-the-road decisions present themselves.

After the Birth
Time: An hour or less

We will stay with you up to an hour after your baby is born to insure you are comfortable and your family is ready for quiet time together.

Postpartum Visit

Your doula will be available by phone, text, and email to answer questions about your birth or baby, and would like to get together with you within two weeks for the postpartum visit. During the final visit, we'd love to meet your beautiful baby, hear how things are going, and review your birth experience. This is an opportunity for you and your doula to swap stories and provide feedback for each other.

Total Labor Support Fee: $250-750, depending on the doula selected, your location, hospital, and the specifics of your situation.

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Comfort Measures & Meditation Class

Visit our Classes page to see when the next class is coming up. If nothing is scheduled, email us at to set one up.

Additional Offerings

Birth Blessing

The Birth Blessing is a supportive ceremony performed about two or three weeks before your due date. The Birth Blessing welcomes you into the circle of those who have given birth through the ages. You’ll invite close friends and family members to join us as we honor you and your journey. During your labor, you can draw on the energy of this ceremony to remember our ancestors who made this journey and the many people who love and support you. You’ll leave this ceremony with a special touchstone piece that will be with you during your birthing experience — and through your life.

Belly Cast

This unique piece of art will fill your home and heart for years to come. We will gently layer strips of plaster gauze over your stomach to create a cast. The process, including drying for removal, takes about an hour. You can leave the cast plain, decorate it yourself with paint and craft materials, decorate it with your doula to honor your pregnancy journey, or leave it unpainted to decorate when your child has reached an age where they can paint it with you.